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Making an exhibition of yourself?

Making an exhibition of yourself?(Posted on 24/08/17)

Visiting a trade exhibition is a great way to gain a snapshot overview of your market as a whole and spot opportunities that might otherwise pass you by. Here are our Top 10 reasons why you should be seeking one out before the end of the year or booking your places for 2018.  Showcase your business. Identify possible new markets and opportunities. Keep up to date with the latest trends.  Evaluate your competitors –... Read more...

It's August - time to take stock

It's August - time to take stock(Posted on 17/08/17)

Unless you work in the tourist industry, August is quite likely to be a quiet time for you work-wise, with a large proportion of employees taking their long-awaited two week holiday.  If you find the quiet period unnerving rather than relaxing, bear in mind it is quite usual for activity across many sectors to slacken during this month. It may be quite tempting for those still at their desks to kick back and enjoy the relative peace and quiet... Read more...

Business jargon that belongs in the bin

Business jargon that belongs in the bin(Posted on 27/07/17)

Wherever you work, you are likely to come across a certain amount of workplace jargon. The marketing sector seems to attract more than its fair share. While some of it is unavoidable, a number of clichéd, hackneyed phrases are actually pretty meaningless and rather than engendering a feeling of team spirit, they can have the reverse effect.  Marketers should be communicating simply in language that everyone can understand – catchphrases... Read more...

Banishing back to work blues

Banishing back to work blues(Posted on 26/07/17)

Returning to work after a holiday may seem like the first day back at school for some of us, just without the excitement of having a new pencil case! Getting back into the swing of work after a long summer break of a week or more can be really tricky but there are a few tried and tested ways of making it more bearable. Here’s our suggested list to help beat the post-holiday blues: Schedule a proper handover meeting before you go. No one... Read more...

Why holidays are good for you

Why holidays are good for you(Posted on 26/07/17)

Every year, a significant number of people don’t claim their full holiday allowance. The reasons range from feeling too pressured to take time off work to concern about finances. There is no doubt however, that there are many benefits to taking a break. It doesn’t have to be somewhere exotic – a week in a tent at the British seaside can provide just as much of a boost to your well-being as a fortnight in St Lucia! Here are five... Read more...

Communication – a lot more than the words you say

Communication – a lot more than the words you say(Posted on 20/07/17)

Effective communication is key to success in any business venture, whether it be marketing, PR or project management. But while communication may seem straightforward and simple, it goes far beyond the words that you say. Effective communication extends to the technique you use to express yourself; your body language and the tone of your voice. Over half of the message that we are sending to others is non-verbal. This means that we receive more... Read more...