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Two heads are better than one – getting a second opinion

Two heads are better than one – getting a second opinion(Posted on 22/05/18)

Getting a second opinion can often open up new methods of research and approaches to creativity. When people work together in collaboration, towards a single goal, everyone can draw something out of the experience. Sometimes it can be working as part of a wider team, but often two heads can be enough to offer widely different perspectives on a subject and create something that is both diverse and inclusive.Working solo can often be the quickest way... Read more...

Apostrophe’s and where to find them

Apostrophe’s and where to find them(Posted on 14/05/18)

Before you mention it, yes, that is a deliberate mistake. The ‘apostrophes’ in the title doesn’t need an apostrophe. The misuse and misplacement of apostrophes is one of the most contentious and irritating aspects of written English to those who care passionately about such things, like the team at Zebra.The apostrophe is probably the most misused form of punctuation in the English language. Like commas, they are often sprinkled... Read more...

The personal touch is more important than ever

The personal touch is more important than ever(Posted on 30/04/18)

If we choose to, we can now shop, bank, book tickets, hire a car, make an appointment or ‘chat’ to friends and ‘go to work’ without having any form of direct personal communication with another human. Automation and the rise of digital has almost totally done away with our need to speak to each other. Verbal communication is almost in danger of becoming a lost art form and with more methods of communication than ever available... Read more...

Making networking fun!

Making networking fun!(Posted on 24/04/18)

Some people love to network and have a natural talent for it, while others may try to avoid it all costs and go to an event only under sufferance, with the intention of leaving as soon as possible. A few undoubtedly may find in themselves a tendency to spend an entire session wishing it was over and wondering how it is that other people manage to network so apparently effortlessly and even, dare I say it, appearing to enjoy it. Around 25% of professionals... Read more...

Facing the music – is sorry really the hardest word?

Facing the music – is sorry really the hardest word?(Posted on 12/04/18)

Mark Zuckerberg’s apparent reluctance to issue a full and frank apology when the Cambridge Analytica scandal first broke was frankly baffling to many PR experts. His initial response via a stilted Facebook post arguably did more harm than good as it failed either to address customer concerns or to admit responsibility. Further damaging revelations continued to build, while the number of Facebook users potentially affected spiralled ever higher... Read more...

Focus on photographers

Focus on photographers(Posted on 22/03/18)

The importance of good imagery to accompany written words can make or break an article, press release or news item. Sometimes a picture can help to explain the story, or even illustrate it better than the words themselves. Ideally, a good photograph will complement the text, the two creating a dual impact that conveys the crux of the words, while adding visually to its telling. But there’s a reason ‘photographer’ is still a profession... Read more...