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Watching the build process with CB Homes Ltd

Watching the build process with CB Homes Ltd(Posted on 21/07/21)

Our client CB Homes has been designing and building award-winning homes since 1981. From prestigious self-build projects, to distinctive developments and exclusive barn conversions, each bespoke home is built to the highest professional standards. We were commissioned to provide marketing support to CB Homes, with particular focus on its self-build service. CB Homes delivers a complete self-build package from initial design, through planning... Read more...

Keep smiling – the history of the emoji

Keep smiling – the history of the emoji(Posted on 14/07/21)

As this Saturday (17 July), is World Emoji Day we couldn’t help but wonder, when did the little sphere of yellow joy first appear? And how did it evolve into such a plethora of expressions and graphics most of us use every day?  How it all began… Although smiley faces have been drawn throughout history, some of the first computer users will remember emojis as ‘emoticons’. Sounding a little like something from... Read more...

Change for the better – the importance of CSR

Change for the better – the importance of CSR(Posted on 08/07/21)

With several brands in the firing line recently for not upholding their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles, companies can’t expect to hide behind overblown promises of environmentalism or philanthropy.Companies need to be seen to be doing something positive for society; whether it’s working towards being carbon neutral, benefitting the community, or developing and maintaining a positive work culture. With the power to implement... Read more...

A site for sore eyes – the continued importance of a good website

A site for sore eyes – the continued importance of a good website(Posted on 29/06/21)

In the digital age, an online presence is crucial to define your business and maximise your reach to customers. Whether you’re a local government agency, a large online retailer, a construction company, or someone selling their own handmade gifts, the ability to be seen by anyone in the world with access to the internet cannot be undervalued.The way people search for services is often defined by their location, but products can be sold anywhere... Read more...

The importance of web articles

The importance of web articles(Posted on 23/06/21)

After months of hard work, making sure the design and content of your brand new website is exactly as you want and it all works beautifully, you may be tempted to think you can cross ‘sort website’ off your to do list. Unfortunately, this is not the case - your shiny new website needs constant attention to keep the content fresh or it really may as well not exist.Posting new and interesting content on your website is absolutely critical... Read more...

How to encourage user generated content (UGC) on social media

How to encourage user generated content (UGC) on social media(Posted on 16/06/21)

User generated content (UGC) is highly engaging to social followers, with real posts, photos and videos enabling other social users to see how a brand’s products will authentically look, or how its services will work, in the ‘real world’. Studio photography, while it looks good and can create aspirational feelings about your brand, is not as relatable as someone sharing a picture of their new shower products in their bathroom, or... Read more...