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Amateur Gramatics – putting good grammar centre stage

Amateur Gramatics – putting good grammar centre stage(Posted on 14/03/18)

We’ve all been there (or is it their?), haven’t we? Which witch is right? What’s the best way to attract your audience and the worst way to get your message across? One obvious way is by making common spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and vocab clangers that will make your work stand out for all the wrong reasons. There are so many common proofreading mistakes that you could write a book on the subject. In fact, there are... Read more...

Choosing an ideal venue

Choosing an ideal venue(Posted on 26/02/18)

When it comes to event planning, as far as venues go, we are spoilt for choice. From fairy tale castles and high end country house hotels to cool boutiques and edgy city slicker restaurants, the variety is endless. To create an event that is talked about for all the right reasons, how do you choose the right location? Here are our top ten tips when making your selection. Who is your target audience? Identify your demographic and make sure... Read more...

Video puts your brand centre-stage

Video puts your brand centre-stage(Posted on 19/02/18)

Video is arguably the most important element of content marketing today. Pretty much regardless of what you are selling, from 360 degree videos to live streaming, video campaigns are growing in popularity. In an increasingly crowded and noisy marketplace, it’s ever more difficult to get attention. Video is considered to be more memorable and popular than any other type of content. It can also be a great way to connect and engage with your audience... Read more...

Just giving - volunteering opportunities

Just giving - volunteering opportunities(Posted on 13/02/18)

With Student Volunteering Week 2018 taking place from 19–25 February, it’s time to reflect on what it actually means to help others. Student Volunteering Week aims to celebrate the impact made by student volunteers and encourage them to engage in civic life. Student Hubs and the National Union of Students (NUS) both support the Student Volunteering Network (SVN) to deliver the countrywide campaign, which is now in its seventeenth year... Read more...

Well read: making an impact with newsletters

Well read: making an impact with newsletters(Posted on 07/02/18)

Newsletters can be useful tools for spreading the word, either as printed matter, or distributed online. They are an ideal way to stay in touch with your customers, or if it’s internal, to keep your staff informed of new developments. The bulletin style newsletter has become a mainstay of many companies’ marketing strategy. The design of a newsletter should be in keeping with its subject’s ethos and reflect how it wants to... Read more...

That Groundhog Day feeling and how to avoid it

That Groundhog Day feeling and how to avoid it(Posted on 01/02/18)

Groundhog Day is a popular tradition celebrated in the United States and Canada on 2nd February. It derives from the superstition that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and can see its shadow, winter will persist for another six weeks. If it can’t see its shadow, then spring weather will soon start. Immortalised by the comedy film of the same name, the expression Groundhog Day has come to mean a repetitive and boring day, where... Read more...