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Animal Printz - our favourite animal brand logos - Part 1

Animal Printz - our favourite animal brand logos - Part 1(Posted on 20/01/21)

Images of animals have long been used as indicators of company brands – just like our own origami Zebra logo. When you think about some of the best in their fields, companies that use animals as their brand often surge ahead of the rest. Be it that feathered celebrity The Famous Grouse and Alfa Romeo’s snake, or the MGM or Peugeot lion, animals provide a strong, recognisable image that we can associate with the brand name. We're... Read more...

Celebrating significant anniversaries

Celebrating significant anniversaries(Posted on 13/01/21)

Given the challenges of last year, many of us had to postpone celebrations we had planned, but we are looking forward to celebrating properly in 2021 as soon as we can. Setting aside the pandemic, 2020 marked a significant milestone year for Zebra and for several of our clients too. Forging ahead to the next decadeOur client, Forge Property, a firm of Chartered Surveyors and Valuers, turned ten last year, just like Zebra. The firm provides high... Read more...

Our Zebra New Year resolutions

Our Zebra New Year resolutions(Posted on 05/01/21)

Thank goodness 2020 is over!Despite Christmas being a little different from what we are used to, it did not stop the Zebra team from making the most of the festive period. However, the turkey is long gone, the Christmas tree is drooping, and the champagne has all been drunk welcoming in, what will hopefully be, a much better year than 2020. So now we turn our attention to our Zebra New Year resolutions for 2021.Whilst last year was challenging in... Read more...

12 months of Zebra – a look back on 2020

12 months of Zebra – a look back on 2020(Posted on 02/12/20)

2020 has certainly been a year that has defied everyone’s expectations. With the current global pandemic turning people’s lives and businesses upside down, we have all been having to find new ways of working; whether that’s at home, or in a safe, socially distanced work space.Despite all the uncertainties, we have still had a busy year at Zebra and have celebrated many highlights throughout the year. Here’s a selection of... Read more...

Thanking our partners and collaborators for their support

Thanking our partners and collaborators for their support(Posted on 26/11/20)

Whilst this year has been challenging in many ways, one positive that we can take away from 2020 is the way in which everyone has aided and encouraged each other throughout this difficult time.It has been a demanding period whether you are a client, partner or supplier, so it has been more important than ever, to work together to provide the best solutions to the issues we have faced. To this end we are very lucky to work with a diverse range of... Read more...

Running wild - how wildlife is laying claim to our towns and cities

Running wild - how wildlife is laying claim to our towns and cities(Posted on 17/11/20)

With most of our usual leisure pursuits out of bounds, many of us have been spending more time out of doors than usual, COVID-19 restrictions and British weather permitting. There is no doubt that in these times of local lockdowns, not to mention national ‘fire breaks’, many of us have started appreciating the beauty of nature even more than we did before in pre-pandemic days.Spending time enjoying nature lifts our spirits. Research has... Read more...