A good read on World Book Day

(Posted on 07/03/19)

A good read on World Book Day

Everyone enjoys a good read. Be it fiction or non-fiction, adverts or news, we are constantly consuming (or being fed) information in text that we must read. There, you’re doing it now. World Book Day, now in its 22nd year and marked in over 100 countries worldwide, aims to promote all kinds of reading and is on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own. The day also celebrates authors, illustrators, books and most importantly, it acclaims the importance of reading.

Books come in all shapes and sizes, on all subjects, and in the digital age, there’s never been an easier time to have access to the written word. But for all the positives of digital books and Kindles, there’s still no substitute for holding an actual book in your hands, particularly if it’s illustrated. The journey of discovery, flicking through the pages, is a completely different physical and emotional experience to swiping a screen.

The technological leaps forward in publishing do, however, mean that the process of writing and publishing a book has never been more accessible. The possibility of simply deciding to become an author and reaching an audience – either digitally or with a physical format – is a powerful motivator. These days, design and formatting can be done on home computers, and printers and a marketplace are also only a click away. There are pitfalls however and ensuring that your end product is both professional and marketable is as important as it ever was.

Self-publishing is no longer the poor relation to ‘official’ publishing and when done right, can make just as big an impact. Our team at Zebra has extensive experience of publishing and now use that knowledge to write about our clients and their achievements. We now use our expertise to create literature of all descriptions – from leaflets and catalogues, to workbooks, guidebooks and newsletters – that showcase organisations, individuals, businesses and charities. From research and proofreading, to design and marketing, we can show you how professional promotional literature is key to getting the right message across to your audience.

If you have some ideas on how your organisation would benefit from having physical or digital literature – a guidebook, newsletter or manual, for example – but are not sure what the next step might be, then get in touch. Together, we can write the next chapter in your story.