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Dependable facts and where to find them

Dependable facts and where to find them(Posted on 19/02/24)

When you are researching and writing about a subject, it’s always important to cite where your sources are from. But with so many sources available on the internet, how can you tell which are reliable and which are pure fiction? It’s also important to make sure that when you are using sources, that you don’t plagiarise other people’s work. In art and culture, there’s a fine line between homage and theft, but when... Read more...

‘Competition should not be for a share of the market – but to expand the market’

‘Competition should not be for a share of the market – but to expand the market’(Posted on 08/02/24)

We recently did a social media competition for our client, Wrexham-based Ace Play, the indoor and outdoor playground equipment specialists. It’s the second competition after the success of the first one we ran, which had a reach of twenty-five thousand on Facebook.Alongside regular blogs, social media posts and website updates, competitions are a good way to increase engagement with your brand. They are a great way to gain more followers, increase... Read more...

Dressing to impress for corporate photos

Dressing to impress for corporate photos(Posted on 29/01/24)

A picture paints a thousand words and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to your corporate head shots or team photos. If your website is your company’s virtual ‘shop front’, then photos of your staff are undoubtedly some of the most important items on display!Corporate photos can be useful for all sorts of purposes, from illustrating ‘our team’ on your website, to your corporate literature, presentations and... Read more...

Serving up the history of our new Zebra HQ

Serving up the history of our new Zebra HQ(Posted on 22/01/24)

In June last year the Zebra team was pleased to move into our new home at The Old Bank on Station Road in Rossett. With The Old Bank being a beautiful, old black and white building, we decided to delve into its history. As an avid hot chocolate fan, our Communications Manager Kathryn was delighted to discover that our base was originally called The Cocoa Rooms and served drinking chocolate to the community! Tempered chocolateBuilt in 1881, The... Read more...

Oh baby! Returning to work after maternity leave

Oh baby! Returning to work after maternity leave(Posted on 08/01/24)

Last year we were pleased to welcome back our content manager, Kathryn Walsh, following the end of her maternity leave in October 2023. Here, she shares her thoughts and tips for fellow mums returning to work: Having a baby is utterly amazing and simply life changing in so many incredible ways, and when you first have your precious newborn, your maternity leave can seem endless. Amongst enjoying being constantly with your baby and seeing... Read more...

12 months of Zebra – a look back on 2023

12 months of Zebra – a look back on 2023(Posted on 05/12/23)

2023 has been a busy year and we have been thrilled to be involved in co-ordinating, developing and assisting with so many of our clients’ one-off and ongoing projects, including new websites, PR, social media development, events, awards, exhibitions, films, animations, rebrands, online webinars, conferences, AGMs, newsletters, surveys, books and much more!Here’s a selection of some of our favourite achievements from our clients, both... Read more...