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Stake your claim – the Green Claims Code and what it means for business

Stake your claim – the Green Claims Code and what it means for business(Posted on 28/06/22)

There was a new piece of legislation introduced in the UK late last year, that’s good news for environmentally-conscious consumers. Buyers are becoming more and more aware of companies’ green credentials and making buying choices based on them. If a company gets bad publicity due to it being associated with adverse stories about the way it operates, how it makes its products or where it sources its material from, it can have a huge impact... Read more...

Showcasing the impact of print, online and social media partnerships for North Wales Beds

Showcasing the impact of print, online and social media partnerships for North Wales Beds(Posted on 23/03/22)

Zebra Marketing and Communications was pleased to recently secure a partnership between our client North Wales Beds and The Leader, LeaderLive, and Facebook page. This partnership involved The Leader hosting a fun social media photo-led competition for people across Wrexham and Flintshire to share cute photos of their sleepy pets. Entries had to include the name and age of the sleepy pet pictured, and any information about their sleeping... Read more...

Leaving enough time for design

Leaving enough time for design(Posted on 09/03/22)

The process of creating an illustrated piece of work isn’t the same as the writing process itself. Be it magazine copy, web content, a promotional leaflet or an exhibition stand pull-up, a huge chunk of the process involves design. This is easily forgotten however in the grand scheme of things, when it comes to factoring in timescales for meetings, ongoing discussions and the actual design itself. So, when it comes to creating something that... Read more...

The power of video

The power of video(Posted on 02/03/22)

Last year, our client CB Homes embarked on a large self-build project in the village of Kingsley in Cheshire. The scale and scope of the project was such that we wanted to find a way to record the progress of the build as each major phase was completed. Knowing the power of video, when it comes to content marketing, we decided to video the entire build, enlisting the assistance of renowned videographer Knew Productions. Starting when the foundations... Read more...

How to…..write an award entry

How to…..write an award entry(Posted on 23/02/22)

After a brief hiatus in marketing events of all kinds, thanks to COVID-19, awards ceremonies have returned, and already it’s as if they’ve never been away. Attending these events, whether local, regional or national, is always enjoyable; and, of course, nothing beats the feeling of actually scooping an award that recognises your hard work and success in your particular field.As well as being very satisfying, winning an award undoubtedly... Read more...

Amateur Grammatics – the perils of punctation!

Amateur Grammatics – the perils of punctation!(Posted on 16/02/22)

There are so many ways that you can make mistakes when writing a sentence that involves punctuation. Is a comma needed, or a hyphen? Will dashes do instead of brackets? Everyone has their own thoughts on how punctuation should look and what the rules are – and in some cases, there is a certain flexibility. Artificial intelligence (AI)We should all know our ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ from our ‘there’.... Read more...