And the award goes to ……. : why is entering awards good for your business?

(Posted on 12/10/22)

And the award goes to ……. : why is entering awards good for your business?

It’s been a great month so far for our client CB Homes Ltd. The self-build homes specialist has already secured one prestigious building industry award win and has been shortlisted for a further three categories in another set of industry awards. We are now eagerly awaiting the results of the final judging stage. Whatever type of business you are in, and whether your company is large or small, there will be a whole range of industry-specific or more general business awards that you too can enter.

Of course, there’s no doubt that entering awards is time-consuming and hard work. However, the whole process of entering awards is more than worth it, as whether you win an award outright or reach the final shortlist stage, the benefits are huge.

First of all, with regard to your marketing programme, entering awards really raises your profile and provides an opportunity to shout about your success on all your digital media channels. This includes all your email marketing, display advertising, content for social media and across your public relations activity too.

Entering awards also provides an excellent means of assessing your business performance. Writing an award provides an opportunity to look objectively and critically at your performance, possibly in a way you haven’t done so before. After all, you are pitting yourself against your immediate competitors, so it’s a good time to measure how you are doing and, more importantly, what you could be doing better.

Securing awards does wonders for your credibility too. Think of an award win as a third-party endorsement. This is not just significant for your customers, who will certainly be impressed to hear that you are an award-winning company but also for your suppliers, who will see how you have differentiated yourself from your competition.

Last but by no means least, winning awards is great for your internal marketing. It’s an excellent means of team-building; who doesn’t want to be part of an award-winning team? When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, a reputation for winning awards is one that’s well worth cultivating.

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