Brilliant blogging

(Posted on 14/03/16)

Brilliant blogging

Business blogging can help drive traffic to your website, increase the number of views and potentially increase engagements. Plus, blogging is completely free! Creating interesting and useful content for your blogs will encourage customers to read, as it’s beneficial to them. Whether it’s some top tips that you know your customers could utilise, or news on the company’s latest successes, this content is all relevant to your target audience and will gain attention. 

An active website with regularly updated content, like blog posts, will be favoured by Google. Seeing some benefits on your SEO, due to the regular stream of information. Sharing this information on social media also gives people something to talk about and engage with. Strengthening your social reach and driving your social media audience to your website, which is quite a mutually beneficial relationship for both customer and business.


Each post has the possibility of generating leads, as you can include a call-to-action or promotion at the end of the page that could attract custom from your audience. As long as the content is still useful and not pushy. The blog post will also stay around for quite a while, not just for a couple of hours after posting. If viewers are engaging in that post, liking it and sharing it on social media, it will transfer across those viewers’ followers also. Meaning that the post can reach much further than just the followers on your page and could be seen days or months later across larger audiences.  

Blogging not only helps increase traffic to your website, it can also help with reaching larger audiences, gaining more engagements and benefitting your SEO. For something that is free, and can be done fairly quickly, it’s more than worth its weight in gold for businesses in this digital age. If you would like to speak to someone about developing content for your blogs, email us at Zebra Marketing and Communications on