Communication – a lot more than the words you say

(Posted on 20/07/17)

Communication – a lot more than the words you say

Effective communication is key to success in any business venture, whether it be marketing, PR or project management. But while communication may seem straightforward and simple, it goes far beyond the words that you say. Effective communication extends to the technique you use to express yourself; your body language and the tone of your voice. 

Over half of the message that we are sending to others is non-verbal. This means that we receive more than half of what a person is communicating through the subconscious messages they are sending with body language. This means that our non-verbal communication methods are as important as our verbal. 

The tone of voice we use is responsible for about 35-40 per cent of the message we are sending. Tone involves the volume you use, the level and type of emotion that you communicate and the emphasis that you place on the words that you choose. The same sentence can have multiple meanings depending on which word is emphasised. The emphasis on a particular word implies additional information to what the words say. 

Effective communication helps to ensure a successful business strategy. Make sure that you understand all of its concepts. 

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