Four editing tools to help you create better content

(Posted on 18/11/16)

Four editing tools to help you create better content

Content is key to better marketing your brand. The content that you put represents what you represent as a brand. Therefore, getting your content right can seem daunting at times. However, there are many editing tools that can help you create content that makes you stand out.

  1. Hemingway Editor


Editing your own work is a difficult task, made even harder without the assistance of a proof reader. Additionally, if you see yourself as more of a content creator than editor, it can be difficult to know where to start. In these situations, tools like Hemingway Editor can make a real difference. It’s as simple as pasting your content into the app, and Hemingway Editor’s colour coded highlighting system shows you where you can improve. From basic grammar to spelling mistakes, this tool gives you a great place to start editing.


  1. ContentIdeator headline generator


Headlines are important as they grab readers’ attention. ContentIdeator headline generator is a handy tool that can be used to come up with headline ideas as well as content. The idea is simple; enter a keyword into the search bar and it will give you many different relevant headline ideas. It is however important to remember not to copy these word by word. You don’t want the same headline as someone else. Use these headlines as a starting point, and then come up with an even better headline.


  1. Grammarly


We’ve all been in situations where we have proof read our work, only to find out once it’s been published that there are grammar or spelling mistakes. Grammarly can help avoid situations like these. You simply paste your text or upload a full document to the app and it outlines any spelling or grammar mistakes that you may have made.


  1. ThingLink


ThingLink is a great tool for enhancing images within your content. Its focus is that it allows you to make an image or an infographic clickable. The app lets you upload an image and add small icons that appear when a person hovers their cursor over the image. These icons allow readers to visit links, watch videos or read messages that you’ve written. An added benefit of ThingLink images is that they are extremely easy to embed, meaning they are widely shareable.