Giving back to charitable organisations

(Posted on 14/07/22)

Giving back to charitable organisations

Charities need our help more than ever during the tough economic crisis we are encountering. We look at how volunteering not only helps the charity but can boost your business too.

Volunteering and giving to charity can make you feel good; it strengthens personal values. It shows your children they can make positive changes too and encourages others to do the same. Before the pandemic, the future was bright for many charities, with plenty of sponsorships, events and fundraising campaigns on the horizon.

Nobody was unaffected by the unprecedented events of the pandemic during 2020 and 2021, however, charities were hit particularly hard. As businesses work hard on recovery, the impending financial landscape means there is no light at the end of the tunnel for charities.

Social media helped charities adapt during the pandemic. Campaigns were run online; fundraising took place at home. Marathons were run alone or in small groups, stairs at home were climbed instead of mountains. Charities were creative. People were still able to give during the pandemic.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations wrote a report on the road ahead looking at what to expect and the factors that would influence the months ahead in the charity sector. There was optimism as far as the pandemic was concerned. However, the effects of factors such as the war in Ukraine and inflation hitting a thirty-year high are having their own impact on charities’ capability to raise money.

Charities are hit hard during economic times. Ironically, charities are the ones needed to help others during the tough times. The increase in demand for their services is going up as a result. A rise in prices impacts the goods and services that charities buy and provide. Charities are reliant on the public’s good will but, when everyone’s costs are going up, giving a donation isn’t always a priority. Businesses can help by supporting a charity and giving back. By sharing a mission and purpose with your customer base you will increase engagement. As a business, even if you support just one charity, you’re making such a difference to it. You could encourage your employees to raise money for that charity and in turn you can promise to match anything they make.

The advice to charities during this difficult climate is to intensify volunteer recruitment efforts. Consider partnering with another charity or sharing resources. Communicate with your donors and let them know your struggles. Continue to fundraise and encourage others to fundraise too.