Good enough to eat – the top five tips for food marketing on social media

(Posted on 11/03/24)

Good enough to eat – the top five tips for food marketing on social media

Food posts on social media platforms are a visual feast for the eyes. Every post created is a delightful experience of indulgence. According to Instagram statistics, 38% of users view food content. Each month #food accounts for more than 250 million posts. It’s no wonder ‘foodies’ are turning to social media platforms to boost their creations or search for others. 

Let’s look at the top tips for food marketing: 


“In food photography, the plate is the canvas, and the food is the art.”

The first and most important tip is the food photography. People looking through social media for food ideas or food posts must be able to engage with the post without being able to smell or taste, so the photograph needs to capture the deliciousness. Good lighting is key and don’t be afraid to add colours and be creative. Remember you can add what you like to the food to make it look more appealing, it doesn’t actually need to be edible just for the picture.


“Reels have the power to transport us to places we’ve never been.”

Reels are a great tool in helping to build your food brand. Before you start a reel it’s important to decide what you want to achieve from the reel and who your target market is. Food reels need to be kept short, with easy delicious recipes or a fun cooking trick. Recipe sharing reels are popular and help to boost a business. It’s all about engaging with the people you want to share your food with.


‘Put more money in your pocket with discounts’

Instagram statistics claim that 33% of consumers use social media to find and book a table at a pub or restaurant. Eateries can use social media to target their customers to encourage them to dine at their restaurant. With high numbers of users booking via social media, it’s a great platform to advertise discounts and booking via a post.


‘Food should be fun’

Hashtags are key to targeting your audience. You need to think about hashtags as the ingredients that enhance the flavour of your food-themed social media posts. You need to ensure you’re up to date with foodie words that are currently trending. You can also introduce your own hashtag, once you have developed your audience and brand.


“The kitchen is where dreams become delicious realities.”

It’s a good idea to encourage your audience to become co-creators of content, perhaps by recreating a recipe you posted or reposting a reel with their reactions. Invite food influencers to visit your venue and share reels and posts about their experiences. Using customers’ reviews can also work well for social posts.


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