How newsworthy is your press release?

(Posted on 16/11/15)

How newsworthy is your press release?

Having a newsworthy story is the first and most important part of developing a winning press release. Some stories, like the arrival of a new James Bond, are destined to secure coverage, whereas a lot of stories unfortunately fall flat. The latter usually focus on an organisation’s everyday activities, such as the launch of a website, and generally aren’t worth your time. Many fall in between these two extremes. 

They’re not black, not white, and Zebra can help you decide just how newsworthy your story is.

Does your story…

Offer something new or surprising?
Stories that challenge our received wisdom or which cover something that hasn’t already been done before are much more likely to be newsworthy. 

Help solve people’s problems?
If you can solve a genuine or recurring problem that is common to any publication’s readership then your press release is in with a very good chance.

Contain an element of tension?
With any charity campaign or business awards there is implied tension, either between a better and worse situation or between competitors. Tying this into the focus of a story almost always makes it more compelling.   

Have human interest?
Many of the most effective stories focus on the trials and tribulations of a particular person or group of people, perhaps a talented local entrepreneur or impassioned fundraiser for a charity.

Put a twist on an already existing news story?

Journalists often love stories that have a connection with what is already trending in the news, as it will already be familiar with readers.

Using one or more of these things will help your press release immeasurably. If you want to know more about constructing a winning press release, you are welcome to give us a call on 07702 736763.