How to conduct market research successfully

(Posted on 26/04/17)

How to conduct market research successfully

Market research can be tricky; gauging the opinion of the population by analysing a sample is in many cases difficult to get right, while some recent political opinion polls are a fine example of how results can be spectacularly different from those anticipated.

1. Target the right audience 

Make sure you know who you’re targeting and where to target them. For example, if you are doing market research for a fitness product you would survey a gym or health club. Going to a fast-food outlet or a pub would be pointless!

2.  Be friendly and approachable

Many people don’t like getting stopped on the street or while they’re out shopping as they always think they are trying to be sold something. A good tip is to make yourself stand out and to be clear about what you are there for, but also remember to be approachable. Depending on who you want to reach, online surveys may be a better bet.

3. Know what you’re talking about

It’s no good asking people for their comments if you’re not fully clued up and don’t actually know what you’re asking about in the first place. Your target is not going to be able to form a well-rounded judgement.

4. Know what you want your outcome to be

Make sure you set yourself a goal when embarking on market research. That might be to get at least 100 responses, or to get at least 50% of respondents to fill out the full questionnaire. With this kind of tangible level of measurement, you are able to provide a well-informed report to the client and provide a lot of value.

5. Research is key

If you’re doing consumer research, make sure you know exactly who you’re targeting as it really does vary, this could include creating a profile of the ideal respondent, age range, sex and/ or shopping habits. You need to be speaking to the people who will be likely to buy, invest, or help your product.

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