How to…..write a press release

(Posted on 19/01/22)

How to…..write a press release

A press release is a great way to connect with your target audience. Whenever you have an official announcement to make, whether it is a new product launch, company news (such as a new appointment or excellent sales figures or an engaging charity story), the best way to get the information out there is to write it up as a press release. 


Where to start when you are writing a press release? 

The golden rule for the first paragraph is that you need to answer the following questions:






This is particularly helpful if the story is quite complicated as you need to make it as straightforward to understand as possible.

The second paragraph should expand a little more on the opening one, giving further, more in-depth details of the story.


What sort of language should you use?

Even if you are making an announcement about an aspect of your business which is quite technical, you should always strive to write in simple language which is easy to understand. If a lot of technical background information is available about the story, on your website for example, you can always hyperlink to it from the press release so your most tech-savvy readers can find out more if they are interested.

Keep your press release short, preferably just one page but never more than two pages long.


What else needs to be included?

Always include a quote from a relevant spokesperson, along with their name and job title, so it’s clear what their connection is with the story. If a third party has contributed to the story, make sure you include a quote from them as well, and clarify their involvement. Always make sure you have the approval of anyone you have quoted before the press release is issued.

A good quality photo is essential. It should be at least 1MB in size and make sure you caption it with what the photo is showing, and the names and job titles, where appropriate, of any people who appear in it. If it is a local news story, ensure that the caption states whereabouts any local people come from and include the ages of any children. It is imperative that you have permission from everyone in the photograph to use their image.


How to finish writing a press release

Always end your press release with a brief paragraph of background information on your brand and don’t forget to include a call to action, which invites the reader to get in touch with your business to find out more. Include all your contact details so it is easy for a reader to engage with you further if they want to.


Where to send your press release

As well as traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV, you can share press releases online across various platforms, reaching larger audiences than ever before. Once online, press releases can boost SEO for your brand and drive traffic to your website, as well as significantly increasing brand awareness.

Regular press release output will help you build relationships between your brand and key journalists, as well as creating trust with your existing and potential customers.


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