Leave an imprint with print

(Posted on 22/10/15)

In the age of digital is print media dead, or a refreshing way to spread your businesses message? We are constantly bombarded with messages online, whether through email or through social media platforms. As the digital generation develops every day, are we becoming more and more de-sensitized to online advertising and less available to engage? Companies are seeing an increase in engagement from tangible messages more than ever.

Before the age of digital arrived print media and telemarketing were the core vehicles for advertisers. Whether it was through the post, in a magazine, newspaper or leaflet, printed advertising was prominent. But as digital media has grown, online advertising has become essential for businesses, quietening other platforms. However, a recent survey be Deloitte has found that over 88% of magazine readers prefer to read their magazine in print, rather than online. Meaning that print could be making a comeback.

Living in an age where very few platforms are tangible, sending a piece of print media could offer a refreshing change for any target audience. With digital becoming white noise, catching the attention of a person is becoming increasingly more difficult. Surprising a customer with a tangible letter, leaflet or newsletter could be exactly what triggers their response. Your customer will remember your businesses name for doing something unusual in this digital age.

Your company and customers could benefit from using print now more than ever, separating you from millions online. Be different, use print.