Leaving it to the experts

(Posted on 07/10/19)

Leaving it to the experts

Marketing is a very broad field, absolutely vital for any brand yet still sometimes considered to be a bit of an optional add-on, rather than an essential part of a business plan. Accordingly it is still occasionally approached by some brands in a half-hearted fashion. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to work with many clients who are either marketing experts in their own right or are specialists in their own particular field and are happy to take advice from us, when it comes to creating and delivering a marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing, just as in every other part of life, it is important to find specialists wherever you can. I definitely have not had enough of experts! Just as I want a qualified lawyer to draw up my will, a mechanic to service my car and a plumber or electrician to know what they are doing before they start taking my house apart, I will only trust a web designer with building a website and a professional videographer with making a corporate video.

Good videographers are hard to find and should be cherished forever once they are identified. Even within the world of video, further specialisms, such as drone operation, are also vital. Including drone footage in a corporate video can certainly lead to a spectacular film but using a drone effectively to produce a polished, professional video is a highly specialised skill.

Here at Zebra we know where our particular areas of expertise lie and we partner with a range of other experts within the creative industries. From photographers and printers to digital wizards and videographers, we work closely with them to deliver a diverse portfolio of marketing services for our clients. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.