Make your slogan work for your busines

(Posted on 02/08/16)

Make your slogan work for your busines

The last thing you want your brand to be is boring. You want it to spark your potential customer’s interest and most importantly be something that they remember. One way to keep customers engaged is having unforgettable slogans and taglines. Here’s some tips on how you can perfect your tagline to help keep you on the brain of your consumers.



It seems obvious, however there is a distinct difference on what may be memorable to you as an employee of the brand and your consumers. Your slogan or tagline needs to be easily and quickly recognisable as people usually only spend a second or two thinking about it. A brief catchy few words go a long way. Just like Nike with their ‘Just Do It’ tagline, your tagline should be synchronised with your brand.



What is it about your product or brand that sets it apart from its competitors? Make sure that your brands unique selling point is clear for all to see in its slogan. For example Pepsi Max runs with “Maximum taste, zero calories” differentiating itself with ordinary Pepsi and its other competitors. Make it clear exactly what you are selling, and why consumers would want to buy it.



There is no point in having a brand which tagline arouses negative feelings. The best taglines use words that are positive and upbeat. Look at Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’s for example, it’s slogan “Two great tastes that taste great together” gives its audience good feelings about Reese’s, making them more inclined to try the brand and therefore more likely to repeat buy.


Consistent branding is key, and whether you’re a small business or a household name brand, your slogan or tagline has to complement what you’re trying to sell. Get all of the above right and a slogan can become the centerpiece of your company’s identity – and if done poorly, it can send the wrong message and actually drive customers away.