Managing Expectations

(Posted on 22/01/16)

Managing Expectations

Like other aspects of promotion, PR is used to provide information, build awareness and create interest. Public opinion is a powerful force that can drastically impact customers’ decision making. A business can increase its reputation through its good quality, good service and social responsibility. PR can help reinforce a brand’s values and build a positive reputation by sending out messages that reinforce the company’s credibility. However, when it comes to PR, it’s vital to manage client expectations. If a client’s expectations are managed from the start, a successful and rewarding relationship can be maintained, benefitting the client and your business.

Honesty is always the best policy when dealing with a potential new client. Even though it might be enticing to tell them about the wonderful coverage you could get for them, they need to understand that is a ‘could get’ and not a ‘will get’. With this industry nothing is guaranteed and as long as this is understood, then it’s easier for them to trust you and your understanding of the industry.

Keep in touch. It is important to regularly review and amend the PR strategy based on what has worked and what hasn’t. Constant communication will fuel a healthy relationship as a client knows they can get hold of you when they need to. If a client has any quick questions or new information, it’s reassuring for them to be able to drop an email and get an answer pretty quickly.

Developing a successful and happy relationship built on trust and honesty will benefit not just the client but your business, as each party is satisfied. Knowing that your client understands what outcomes are expected from the proposed PR strategy can help you blow them away with an unexpected delivery of fantastic coverage and opportunities for them. This will not only build their confidence in you but create fantastic results for their company’s reputation.