Moving images – the importance of video

(Posted on 06/05/21)

Moving images – the importance of video

Video is useful way of reaching a wider audience and introducing your company’s service or product to a broad spectrum of customers. With remote working and a market audience using media such as their laptops and phones to browse the internet, a good video clip can make a lasting impression. 


The power of video 

All kinds are companies are discovering the power of video, to promote, but also explain, what their product does, by demonstrating it in action. Using animation can bring products and services to life, in a different way. Video is also being used to create training and induction videos. In these times of remote working, aspects such as this have never been more important, in making new employees feel part of the wider organisation.

Many news stories have video clips embedded in them these days, to illustrate and provide another perspective on the story. Media such as Tik Tok and WhatsApp make video easy to share and people are using these short videos as their advertising campaigns. This DIY approach doesn’t serve everyone however. Most companies still need a professionally-produced video to promote them or their products. A professional videographer will be able to create something really impressive using a variety of styles – interview segments, examples of work, animation, strong imagery and music – to make your business stand out from the crowd.


Explore the possibilities

We work with videographers and visual media specialists, to create great adverting material and promotional films. We’ve worked with all sorts of clients, in many sectors, to create everything from online promo films for children’s charities, to virtual tours and video diaries for all kinds of projects. Powerful imagery can leave a deep impression and in this digital world, whatever your business, you should explore the possibilities of moving images.

Richard Knew, the founding director at our client Knew Productions, is a strong advocate for the power of video in business: “We work with all kinds of companies and find that everyone has their own idea of what a video should be. A good one will get the message across as straightforwardly as possible. We’re not making arthouse films with hidden messages, but the craft that goes into video making should be readily apparent in the professionally-presented end product.”