Power of presentation. Making it work for you.

(Posted on 03/09/19)

Power of presentation. Making it work for you.

From our early school days we learn to judge others fairly harshly according to their body language and tone of voice. We can all remember at least one teacher who struggled to appear authoritative in front of a class. They could very well have been an authority in a particular field and an undisputed expert in an important area of study. However, an inability to sound and look convincing, to project their voice and command attention meant that they were written off immediately by their audience, at best ignored, at worst openly mocked. This uncomfortable experience is probably one of the reasons that many of us never aspired to become teachers! However, the ability to present well, to come across as trustworthy, confident and honest is incredibly important in many professional areas, not least when being a spokesperson for your brand. If you fail to convince, it’s your brand image that will suffer.


When it comes to presenting, authenticity is absolutely vital. Post-school, we have all cringed at the sight of public figures floundering in front of a camera, stuttering, looking away, shifting from foot to foot while they struggle to trot out their badly memorised party lines. We have become experts at spotting the insincere, the dishonest and the badly briefed. As a result we are swift to condemn anyone who appears inauthentic and are likely to dismiss anything they have to say, even if it actually has some merit.


Body language is key to at least appearing to be authentic. If you watch recordings of famous public speakers, such as JFK or Barack Obama, you will note instantly how relaxed yet confident they appear and how measured they sound, while still conveying passion and conviction. We can’t all aspire to be Obama, but with training and a great deal of practice, we can all learn how to present effectively and engage our audience. Whether for a presentation, a webinar, a press conference or a media interview, we can make sure that before we even consider putting ourselves forward as a speaker, we are completely familiar with our subject and confident of the facts and the truth of what we are saying. With a proper brief and plenty of preparation, even the inevitable counter arguments and awkward questions need hold no fear for anyone.


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