Press releases – a timely reminder

(Posted on 20/04/21)

Press releases – a timely reminder

Press releases are used to make an official announcement regarding something new, significant or timely about your brand that you want to share with the wider world.

Today, with many brands struggling to maintain ‘business as usual’, now may not seem to be the ideal time to be making news announcements and putting your brand in the spotlight. However, while our news feeds are overflowing with pandemic-related news, there is a real opportunity to share stories that are different, quirky, or unusual in some way. Remember, the news media have as much of an appetite to publish something new as we have to read it.

Designed to interest, inform, or entertain, press releases are often seen as the ‘bread and butter’ of public relations.

Within a few short lines, press releases tell an entire story – who, what, where, when, how and why. Audiences, both on and offline, have short attention spans, so short and snappy remains the ideal format for press releases.

Distributing press releases regularly enables you to create a positive reputation for your brand over time. It helps build relationships with key journalists and trust with current and potential customers.

Press releases are a cost-effective method of spreading the word about your business, which can be particularly helpful for an SME, which may not have a large marketing budget, looking to raise its profile. A well written press release that is really engaging can also provide a jumping off point for making more of a story. It can lead to radio or TV interviews or provoke enough interest to create a much larger article or feature.

In these times of ‘fake news’, press releases still have a great deal of credibility with journalists and the public. Although traditional media, such as regional newspapers, may be seeing some shrinkage, thanks to the social media revolution, thousands of press releases are now shared and reshared across various online platforms, reaching larger audiences than ever before. Once online, press releases can help boost SEO and drive website traffic as well as increasing brand awareness.

Remember, every press release should end with a ‘boilerplate’ with brief background information on your brand and a call to action, which encourages the reader to engage with you.

To find out how a programme of well-written, carefully targeted press releases can help promote your brand, get in touch with the Zebra team today.