Storytelling captures the imagination

(Posted on 03/02/16)

Storytelling captures the imagination

When brands want to capture customer’s imagination through advertising and campaigns they often use storytelling to inspire the mind and trigger emotions. People remember a campaign which made them laugh, cry or smile – and this may be the deciding factor between them choosing one brand over the other.  

To be able to utilise storytelling campaigns, target audiences need be identified and understood. You have to know what the target audience likes before you can tailor your campaigns to them. Once you know who is being targeted, it’s easier to produce a story that will resonate with the customer and ultimately encourage that ‘need to buy’.

People get bombarded with emails and messages all day, so having something that can capture an audience’s imagination could be what it takes to get their full attention. For example, John Lewis’ annual Christmas adverts are always highly regarded for the powerful storytelling.

Telling a story can also give brands a personality. People will link the brand with the emotions they feel when they see the campaign. When a brand has a personality it has a unique voice that allows it to cut through the noise of the web and connect with customers. Customers will be able to associate with the brand as they can connect on a more personable level, which will increase a brands appeal to customers.


So remember, not only will storytelling help your brand stand out from the crowd, but it can inspire customers, capturing a person’s imagination!