The benefits of print media in a digital world

(Posted on 11/07/16)

The benefits of print media in a digital world

With advancements in today’s technologies companies can use print to market their products and service with full-colour, highly graphical print materials that use quality paper and speciality inks. Print can be a tool that provides bite sized information that connects readers to places where they can get more in-depth information if they want. It can help engage target audiences which means quickly grabbing its attention and presenting the most important information in a visually appealing, easy-to-digest format.

With digital marketing taking the world by storm, it is easy to forget the great reasons for print. Printed materials still play a critical role in presentations, at conferences and sales meeting to name but a few. Here are a few other reasons why print is still so valuable to your business…

A captive audience

Print is unique due to its ability to demand the reader’s attention. When someone chooses to read a magazine or a leaflet, they are giving the physical object in their hands their full, undivided focus. Their engagement level is much higher due to the fact that they aren’t multitasking or allowing content to glide past them on a screen.

Extended shelf life

Print has an advantage over digital content in the sense that it exists outside of the device that you are using, meaning that it doesn’t date as fast and is not as disposable. Print media provides a more tactile experience and its permanence assumes that more thought and time is devoted to its creations, making it relevant for longer.

No limit to its reach

Print is not just limited to paper, and unlike digital media offers more user experience than a flat screen. In addition to business cards, brochures, magazines and posters, printing can be performed on virtually anything. This includes pens, mugs, stickers, keyrings and more. Print media can be turned into anything to promote your business, its products, services and brand.

Universal access

Print media doesn’t require any special equipment for people to pick it up and engage with it. There are no issues with cross device or cross browser compatibility. People are more likely to engage for longer with a well-designed printed piece of marketing than digital marketing.