The power of PR

(Posted on 30/03/16)

The power of PR

As a business providing public relations as part of its services, it’s hardly surprising that we have strong views on the power and importance of PR. 

However, it’s worth recognising that there is more to successful PR than just producing well-written press releases or holding press conferences. Effective PR needs to encompass on- and off-line media, targeting not only traditional print media, radio and TV, but also taking advantage of the many opportunities that digital allows, including web articles and engaging in social media, such as LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook.  This increased online activity, as long as it’s interesting and relevant, will also have the advantage of increasing search engine visibility and improving organic, tangible results.  In addition to writing press releases, to develop an effective PR strategy it is important you understand the relevance and take advantage of the opportunities afforded from feature articles, opinion pieces, case studies, technical articles and statements. These all provide journalists with a raft of information, which may help them write articles and save time.  Entering industry awards and identifying speaker opportunities at events, exhibitions and conferences will also help position your business.


There are a number of significant benefits to using public relations, which include providing an economical, cost-effective way of reaching your target audience with key messages. Once identified, these messages can easily be tailored to different audiences.  PR enables you to raise awareness of your company and its products, which in turn will help increase demand.  It provides a great opportunity to strengthen the perception and image of your company, by offering a platform to discuss innovation, commitment to sustainability or your involvement in your local community or other charitable activity.  And because the nature of PR means that it is usually used at the editor’s discretion, it offers increased credibility over that of traditional ‘paid for’ advertising.  This in turn provides competitive advantage over your rivals, particularly if they aren’t maximising the use of PR themselves.


PR is a great medium for generating awareness.  However, it is important that it is used as just one aspect of the wider marketing mix.  Having multiple touch points that include PR, advertising, trade shows, direct and digital marketing, for example, should enable you to provide an overall result that collectively exceeds each one of the touch points alone.


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