Top ten tips for increasing engagement through social media

(Posted on 10/02/16)

Top ten tips for increasing engagement through social media

A company’s presence on social media platforms can help build its reputation and raise awareness with its target audiences. When using these platforms, engagement is key, as this is what will build loyal supporters and customers. If social media sites are regularly updated with good quality content, your audience is more likely to keep looking for it.

Here’s Zebra’s top tips for increasing social media engagements:

  1. It’s all about people

Create content to build relationships – relationships are crucial in business, so use social media platforms to facilitate growing strong relationships with customers

  1. Quality content

Create content that is of interest to your customers, make it useful for them so that it encourages them to engage

  1. Always respond

Responding quickly and consistently to customers and audiences on social media is crucial, not responding could damage a company’s reputation

  1. Don’t confuse messages

Don’t confuse audiences by communicating many different messages, decide what the key messages are that you want to get across to your customers and stick to them

  1. Target effectively

Don’t attempt to engage with everyone, stick to your target demographics so you engage with the people who could potentially have an interest in your business

  1. Share your interests

Share other content off social media, as this will encourage people to share your content too. It also helps people build a picture of your business and what it stands for

  1. Be personable

When communicating on social media ensure you are personable. Social media is a ‘social’ platform so encourage conversation with questions and get to know the audience you are engaging with

  1. #Hashtags

Use hashtags to join in conversations. Hashtags identify your subject and are a great way of encouraging further communication  

  1. Frequent content

Make sure your pages are updated regularly with new content.  Infrequent updates make a page boring and your audience might stop returning to your page

  1. Use tools

Use tools to track what your followers have and haven’t responded to.  Identifying preferences and interests will help shape your content going forward.