Virtual events webinar - ‘Creating human engagement in a digital world’

(Posted on 03/03/21)

Virtual events webinar - ‘Creating human engagement in a digital world’

Last week, we attended a fascinating webinar entitled ‘Creating human engagement in a digital world’. The topic reviewed how to create authentic, human connections in a virtual event space by creating experiences that truly engage audiences and spark human conversations.


Time for Ts 

Tessa Barron, VP Of Marketing for On24, discussed a great strategy for when devising the aims and goals for a virtual event, namely ‘the four Ts’:


Start at the end and consider what is the overall aim for the event? Is it to generate sign-ups, sales, brand awareness, network building? Consider what is to be achieved and when, and work back from there.

You will need also plenty of time to plan and prepare for an event even if it is online. The same amount of effort is involved in the planning and running of a virtual event as a live one, but it can be argued that even more preparation is needed pre-event, such as creating recordings of speakers instead of scheduled ‘live’ timings. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Any event relies on ‘all hands on deck’, so you’ll need the best team with the know-how to deliver a seamless virtual experience. Here at Zebra Marketing, we offer a total events, exhibition, and conference management service. From staff and customer conferences and exhibitions, corporate, community and fundraising events and award ceremonies to trade shows, our team has extensive experience in helping clients to create and take part in events which are talked about for months after.


Put your buyer at the centre and align all the potential touchpoints they will see before, during and after the event, to create a seamless experience and therefore conversion funnel. This can be through social media, website updates, email marketing, and more.

As there is no limit on attendees, a virtual event can also be as scaled up, or scaled down, as you wish. Smaller events can create more detailed conversations and better connections, but equally a larger event can provide a vital information exchange.


Tessa explained how we’ve all been looking for the next big way to engage with wider audiences, and due to the pandemic, the virtual world has become the new event space. However, with plenty of competition out there, it has to be compelling enough to drive sign-ups and attendees and provide plenty of benefits so that they have no choice but to sign up for the next one, as it’s so good!

The follow-up to any event is also very important in order to drive conversions, and by capturing the event audience insights data this can inform the success of the next event.


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