Well read: making an impact with newsletters

(Posted on 07/02/18)

Well read: making an impact with newsletters

Newsletters can be useful tools for spreading the word, either as printed matter, or distributed online. They are an ideal way to stay in touch with your customers, or if it’s internal, to keep your staff informed of new developments. 

The bulletin style newsletter has become a mainstay of many companies’ marketing strategy. The design of a newsletter should be in keeping with its subject’s ethos and reflect how it wants to be seen to potential and existing customers. It should reinforce the brand and reflect the values and tone the company or individual wants to convey. Done well, a newsletter can be as good as a shop window for its subject matter, as well as an informative read on a variety of subjects. 

Some companies prefer printed newsletters, while others like email versions. Both formats can bring more visitors to your website, or keep existing customers informed of the latest news and developments. Newsletters help keep you connected to your customers and allow you to engage with your audience regularly, by way of both a reminder and an update. 

The more impressive and professional the design, the better the impression and more convincing the message. Keep it succinct and interesting, as readers will switch off if they’re not engaged quickly. The design needs to be responsive so it can be viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop. Newsletters can also be used to build relationships and loyalty. It’s also a way of trumpeting achievements and awards wins, which provide positive publicity too. 

Internal company newsletters are beneficial in a number of ways. They can outline industry news, with new developments that might have an impact on its sector. They can be used to highlight achievements by staff. Employees that see themselves as being valued are going to be more loyal and feel appreciated. This in turn engenders a sense of wellbeing.  Internal newsletters are an excellent way of assessing employee satisfaction and of obtaining feedback and ideas from staff too. 

The company’s culture should be conveyed in the newsletter, but the staff can also shape that culture. A two-way dialogue is always going to be appreciated and if employees see that their ideas are being taken on board, it will further enhance their sense of belonging. Tailor the content to identify areas of interest that are important to them. It can also be a vehicle to outline the company’s future goals and let the staff know the direction it will take. Workforces don’t usually like unannounced surprises and keeping them in the loop will make sure they embrace change and have confidence in the company, as they can see what’s on the horizon in advance.