What makes a summertime TV ad shine?

(Posted on 20/07/17)

What makes a summertime TV ad shine?

By the time the school holidays start, adverts have been inundating our television screens for weeks, showing us the biggest summer trends. But what is it about these adverts that make us splash the cash? 

Outdoor fun 

Although British summer weather can be miserable, we all associate our childhood summers with long hot days of unbroken sunshine. Savvy creatives tap into our nostalgia for those bygone days with seductive images of beach parties, barbecues, picnics and messing about on the water. These ads really capture the spirit of summer – even when they are a far cry from rainy reality. 


The biggest and most popular summer adverts are bright and bold. Take the Marks & Spencer 2016 summer advert. It uses bright, block colours to its advantage to attract and retain our attention. The same goes for River Island’s Summer 2017 campaign, constant uses of bright yellows and blues gives off a funky summer vibe.


Just as the great Christmas adverts require a soundtrack to match the season, as do the most memorable summer adverts. Whilst we leave the bells and chimes in winter, summer TV adverts noticeably use more upbeat soundtracks to entice us in. It may be used to remind you of your last summer holiday, create associations with a great music festival or make you want to revamp your wardrobe for a new one. Regardless of the reason, summer TV adverts use music to draw consumers in – and it works. 

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