Why e-newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate in the new normal

(Posted on 31/03/21)

Why e-newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate in the new normal

An often overlooked, but no less effective, form of content marketing includes e-newsletters. These are a digital news release designed to provide engaging and meaningful content, to keep your customers or clients up-to-date with your latest business news and offers.

Why are e-newsletters so important now, and how can you utilise this communication to benefit your business? 


Connect more with customers: 

e-Newsletter subscribers actively want to hear more from your business, otherwise they wouldn’t have submitted their email address to be contacted, so you know that your subscribers are invested in your brand and what you have to say.

Your email database is invaluable in retaining brand loyalty. This is especially essential at a time when many global corporations are absorbing a vast majority of the market share, and some UK brands are falling to the wayside with store and business closures.

Creating e-newsletters will act as a friendly reminder that your business is still there, so that the customer will be ready to take action immediately online, or to drive physical footfall when restrictions end.


Raise brand awareness:

In a cluttered online world, we are inundated with adverts and brand messages on social media and the various websites we visit. Being able to cut through all the noise and actively engage the customer to stop, take the time to look and, most importantly, act on what you’re saying is the marketing holy grail.

This is precisely what an e-newsletter can provide – with scannable, easy to digest content delivered straight to a customer’s inbox, to be read at their leisure. Unless they are actively deleted, e-newsletters can remain a valuable resource people return to again at a later date.

An e-newsletter acts as an extra dedicated touchpoint to promote your brand and your products or services. It’s why the design and layout are just as important as the content itself. Your e-newsletter needs to reflect your brand, with the same tone of voice, colours and images to continue to build rapport and trust with your customers.

Think about the frequency of your newsletter, as there is a fine line between being prominent and of interest, to bombarding your customers with too much information. However, don’t worry if you have some unsubscribers, as this will help you to tidy up your email database and leave you with a dedicated list of brand advocates to continue to engage with.


Increase your online traffic:

The bite-size nature of e-newsletter content, with snippets of information or offers, is the perfect way to drive your customers from their emails to your website or social media. Including links, so that your customers can find out more, keeps people engaging with your brand rather than clicking away or scrolling elsewhere.

Once they’re on your website, they may then further engage with your brand, such as by reading blogs and news articles, helping to position you in their mind as a thought leader in your field, or even converting to make a purchase or sign up to your virtual event.


Generate conversions:

As an e-newsletter can directly showcase a new product or information of a key service to your customer in an attention-grabbing way, there is a direct correlation with the success of an e-newsletter and generating sales and conversions. In a recent survey, half of consumers who saw a marketing e-newsletter purchased something on the brand’s website, with 24% doing so through the company’s app.

With more people currently spending most of their time online, rather than being able to travel to shops or attend live events, e-newsletters are the perfect platform for promoting new product or service launches, driving purchases and sign-ups to events and webinars, even if these are still virtual for now. These can also assist with generating repeat purchases, acting as the ideal way to keep connecting with customers and reminding them of your products and services.


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