Why print is making a comeback

(Posted on 25/08/16)

Why print is making a comeback

Whilst instinctually we may reach for our smartphone or laptop in order to get up to date on the latest news and social media, this may not be our only option. Recently, there has been evidence that print is making a comeback in a significant way, with some people saying that ‘print is the vinyl of publishing’ in terms of its resurgence in popularity. Here is some reasons why we are turning back to a publishing tool that never really went away.

1)      Print gets attention

These days it’s less likely that we would go out and buy a newspaper or a magazine due to the relative ease of hopping online to get the same information. However, this means that we are more likely to pay more attention to print mail that we receive. In short, if there’s less mail then more attention is paid to each piece

2)      What is old is new again

‘The vinyl of publishing’ is how some people are describing print and it is not a bad comparison. Within social platforms, brands aren’t necessarily doing things that customers see as new and exciting. What really excites people is what is not being done. In such a digitally minded world, print can really catch people’s eye.

3)      Unplug from the digital world

After years of fascination and obsession with new technologies, it seems our enthusiasm for digital is slowing. More people are making the active decision to unplug from the digital world and print media therefore still holds an important purpose for many people

While we can’t deny that online content marketing is here to stay, and can be a huge benefit to us, however we can’t play down the importance of print media in our marketing mix.