Why you should think about rebranding

(Posted on 15/05/17)

It’s a well-known fact that change can be daunting, but change can also be extremely rewarding. Rebranding is a form of change that can deliver extremely significant commercial benefits to your business. It is also a lot more than simply changing a logo and there are many reasons which may lead you to rebrand. 

It is important to move with the times. Your current brand may have become outdated and just not represent who you are anymore. Additionally, you may be experiencing a change in company strategy; what was once highly effective may now hold your company back, which means your branding needs to be updated to reach new target audiences.  

Rebranding can be a simple process, which could involve simply developing a new strapline for the business. On the other hand, the project can be larger, involving a name change and embracing an update of all marketing material; online and offline.  The key is to consider all factors – the benefits of a rebrand can be far-reaching if it is carried out effectively. 

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