Zebra Origami Challenge

(Posted on 08/01/16)

Zebra Origami Challenge

We’ve launched our Origami Zebra Challenge last year as a fun and exciting new way to engage with new customers. By providing a sheet of Zebra striped paper and instructions, we encourage local businesses to share their origami attempts. Our promise to anyone who posts a photo of their attempt on our Facebook or Twitter is a personally delivered Zebra hamper from us, containing a few sweet surprises. Not bad for a few minutes of your time?

Rather than send a cold email, we thought this creative challenge would be an excellent way to break the ice and get to know how we can help more of our local businesses.  

Origami symbolises the way in which something good can be created out of using very little. We love the way that wonderful, intricate designs can be made from little more than a square piece of paper. As a small team, we don’t have the resources to spend on a huge advertising campaign, but what we can do is come up with a fun idea that engages people with minimal costs.

The challenge has been a success so far. We have had a few people share their attempts with us already- with some pretty impressive Zebras we might add!  If you would like to give this a go and have a free hamper from us, you can get in touch via 07591980516 or angharad@zebra-comms.co.uk to receive everything you need.