Our Zebra New Year resolutions

(Posted on 05/01/21)

Our Zebra New Year resolutions

Thank goodness 2020 is over!

Despite Christmas being a little different from what we are used to, it did not stop the Zebra team from making the most of the festive period. However, the turkey is long gone, the Christmas tree is drooping, and the champagne has all been drunk welcoming in, what will hopefully be, a much better year than 2020. So now we turn our attention to our Zebra New Year resolutions for 2021.

Whilst last year was challenging in so many ways, at Zebra, we certainly learnt a lot from all the different, shifting scenarios we faced. We believe it has made us a stronger team and will help us provide an even better service for our clients.

So, without further ado, here are our top five Zebra New Year resolutions for 2021:


1)     Keep up the enjoyment of nature and countryside

Being unable to travel far or visit our favourite shops, pubs and restaurants, we have found a greater appreciation of the great outdoors. Although we are all outdoorsy people anyway, we found no better way to beat lockdown blues than going for a country walk and taking in the local wildlife.

From spotting kingfishers near our office, to breathing in the sea air at the coast, and enjoying long walks around local parks and forests, or along the canal banks, we will all strive to continue exploring more of the beautiful countryside that Wales and Cheshire have to offer.


2)     See more of friends and family

With all the lockdowns across the UK last year, and at separate intervals in England and Wales, managing to see family and friends from further afield has been a real challenge. Trying to keep our friends and loved ones safe has been our top priority, but with the new vaccine rolling out across the UK we can’t wait to be able to spend more time with our friends and family as things begin to return to normal this year.


3)     Continue to appreciate and support our clients and partners

We have all had to adapt to the most unexpected set of circumstances in living memory. Although some offices have been able to allow staff to return to work, there is not yet an end in sight for many people who are still working from home.

Throughout 2020 we offered extra support to our clients when they needed it most, helping them to adapt to the new ways of working. In the face of adversity, many enjoyed successes of their own. Our previous blog, ‘12 months of Zebra’, looking back on 2020, shared some of these achievements. Our partners have also been important to us and we took the time to thank our collaborators in a previous blog too.


4)     Maintain our blog and social

We’ve really enjoyed making the most of our social media networks this year. With so much extra focus on looking after our clients working from home, it would have been easy for our social and blog updates to slip down our list of priorities. However, we hope our posts have brought some interest and joy, and it’s certainly meant that we’ve got some good use from our shiny new website which went live last year. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and no matter how busy we are, we will strive to keep you updated with our news from the team.


Finally, and most importantly of all;


5)     Try not to eat any more mince pies

At least until next December!


Happy 2021 everyone!