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2019 – some Zebra highlights

2019 – some Zebra highlights(Posted on 19/12/19)

2019 has been one of our best and busiest years yet here at Zebra Marketing. Here are just a few of our highlights over the last 12 months.JanuaryThe start of the year saw the first of our four Ask the Expert features in key trade publication The Farmer. Written for our client Forge Property Consultants, this was a great way to reach their agricultural client base.We also wrote several blogs for Revive Dental Care, ranging on diverse topics from... Read more...

Leaving it to the experts

Leaving it to the experts(Posted on 07/10/19)

Marketing is a very broad field, absolutely vital for any brand yet still sometimes considered to be a bit of an optional add-on, rather than an essential part of a business plan. Accordingly it is still occasionally approached by some brands in a half-hearted fashion. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to work with many clients who are either marketing experts in their own right or are specialists in their own particular field and are happy to take... Read more...

Power of presentation. Making it work for you.

Power of presentation. Making it work for you.(Posted on 03/09/19)

From our early school days we learn to judge others fairly harshly according to their body language and tone of voice. We can all remember at least one teacher who struggled to appear authoritative in front of a class. They could very well have been an authority in a particular field and an undisputed expert in an important area of study. However, an inability to sound and look convincing, to project their voice and command attention meant that they... Read more...

Caught on camera. Why is video so important for marketing?

Caught on camera. Why is video so important for marketing?(Posted on 27/08/19)

When it comes to boosting brand awareness and connecting with your target market, video is hard to beat. Posting video on your website dramatically increases the amount of time a visitor is likely to spend on the site. Including video content demonstrates to search engines that you are providing good quality content that is likely to mean visitors will spend longer on your site. This will boost your ranking. When it comes to social media, it&rsquo... Read more...

News - don't fake it

News - don't fake it(Posted on 21/08/19)

Traditional media comes in for a lot of criticism for being biased. More people are turning to social media for their news. But there’s no guarantee that social media is balanced either, with even more room for disinformation, bias, unregulated comment, anger and just plain lies. This isn’t very useful if you rely on the internet and news agencies for your research.We apparently live in what has been dubbed a “post-truth”... Read more...

Knower's arc

Knower's arc(Posted on 12/08/19)

…otherwise known as the ‘Learning Curve’. As writers we like to think that we develop over time. It’s one of those jobs where it’s never too late to learn new things. From an ever-expanding vocabulary, to becoming an expert on subjects that you’re not always familiar with, a writer’s learning curve is an arc where the end is always in sight, but is never quite reached.   Two aspects of our... Read more...