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Press releases – a timely reminder

Press releases – a timely reminder(Posted on 20/04/21)

Press releases are used to make an official announcement regarding something new, significant or timely about your brand that you want to share with the wider world.Today, with many brands struggling to maintain ‘business as usual’, now may not seem to be the ideal time to be making news announcements and putting your brand in the spotlight. However, while our news feeds are overflowing with pandemic-related news, there is a real opportunity... Read more...

Fundraising in a pandemic - charity really does begin at home

Fundraising in a pandemic - charity really does begin at home(Posted on 13/04/21)

Fundraising plans for charities across the country were thrown into disorder a year ago with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the situation, the organisers of the biggest mass participation sports events across the country created a new campaign to raise vital funds to help UK charities’ fundraising. The 2.6 Challenge was open to anyone of any age – the only requirement was that the activity must follow the Government... Read more...

Why e-newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate in the new normal

Why e-newsletters are one of the best ways to communicate in the new normal(Posted on 31/03/21)

An often overlooked, but no less effective, form of content marketing includes e-newsletters. These are a digital news release designed to provide engaging and meaningful content, to keep your customers or clients up-to-date with your latest business news and offers.Why are e-newsletters so important now, and how can you utilise this communication to benefit your business?  Connect more with customers: e-Newsletter subscribers actively... Read more...

Networking – the new normal

Networking – the new normal(Posted on 24/03/21)

 With most of us still in lockdown, it has been a while since any of us attended an in-person, face to face networking event. In these precarious economic times, now, more than ever, we need to maintain our existing networks and, just as importantly, forge some new ones. This means that all of us are having to get used to a new normal with regards to networking, along with every other aspect of our working life. Of course, some people genuinely... Read more...

Bank holidays: banking on taking time out?

Bank holidays: banking on taking time out?(Posted on 17/03/21)

Did you know that up until 1834 there were 33 public holidays in the UK? These included many saints’ days and religious festivals. The number was cut right down until, by 1834, there were only four left.Luckily for those of us who enjoy taking time off, a liberal banker, called Sir John Lubbock, drafted the Bank Holiday Bill in 1871. Initially, these days off were only for banks and other financial institutions but other businesses, shops,... Read more...

Top tips for hosting virtual events

Top tips for hosting virtual events(Posted on 10/03/21)

Whether you’re looking to organise a smaller, more personal virtual event, or provide a digital replacement for one of the largest live trade shows in the calendar year, you’ll want to provide an online event which attracts the right audience and drives results for your business.Here are our top tips to consider when hosting a virtual event: Great expectationsIt goes without saying that a virtual event is never going to be the same... Read more...